A comparative review on ACL Reconstruction vs Internal brace augmentation






ACLR, Anterior cruciate ligament, Grafts, Knee injury,


Increasing knee injuries mainly of Anterior Crucial Ligament has led to development of different surgical procedures for its treatment. ACL reconstructive surgery is the most frequently used surgery in orthopaedic field. It is performed by either a bone-patellar tendon-bone (BPTB) or semitendinosus and gracilis tendon (STG) graft. Earlier the ACL injury was treated by reconstructing the ligament but recurrence of 2nd injury after surgery was reported. This led to the development of a suture to tie up the graft in its place that provides more knee stability and good functional outcomes. The functional outcome of the surgeries was evaluated by some outcome measures like IKDC, KOOS, Lysholm score etc. The patients who underwent surgery were asked to perform some physical tests to evaluate the success rate of surgery. The results of these tests determined the motion, functional activity, efficacy in sports. This review focuses on understanding the benefits of suture augmentation in combination with ACL reconstruction andalso discusses the combination of these two modalities that has led to a revolutionary change in the future of the ACL ligament surgery.


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