A typical lesion of clavicular tuberculous that mimics osteogenic tumor

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A non-traumatic lesion of the clavicle is
infrequent to encounter. Osteomyelitis of the clavicle
occurred only 0% in the mixed population and 7% occurred in
childhood. Only 2% of skeletal tuberculosis (TB) manifestation
occurred at the clavicle. The rarity of this diagnosis should
not be ignored upon diagnosing a non-traumatic lesion in
the clavicle. Histopathological examination should be done
before excluding tuberculosis. A thorough treatment of
antituberculous medication and wide surgical excision should
be carried out to eradicate the infection.

Materials and methods

We presented a case of a31-year-old female
with one-year history of a painful lump located on the right
shoulder. Physical and radiologic findings lead toward
neoplastic lesion on the clavicle. Surgical incision and biopsy
were carried out. Hence, intraoperative findings appeared to
imagetuberculous infection instead of neoplastic, which was
confirmed by histopathologic examination. Post-operative
therapy of antituberculous regiments was initiated, and the
patient achieved good functional outcome with reduced
appearance of lump and clinical evidence of pain in several
months of follow-up.


Current recommendation for TB clavicle is the
antituberculous medication. Despite the advances of imaging
modalities, TB clavicle remains difficult to diagnose.
Multidrug of antitubercular drugs with or without debridement
is curative.


With the high index of tuberculosis, clinicians should remain vigilant of tuberculosis infection at unusual sites.

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