Quality of life and clinical outcome of post-micro endoscopic discectomy in lumbar disc disease at Soebandi General Hospital

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Open surgery can cause many complications. Currently, micro endoscopic discectomy (MED) is providing effective treatment, less muscle and local damage, better cosmetics, decreased pain and operative time, and faster recovery after surgery. We report quality of life and clinical outcome of lumbar disc disease post- MED.

Materials and methods

45 consecutive patients underwent MED. The patients were observed for 12-24 months. The results were evaluated by using VAS and Macnab criteria. All patients were operated by a single spine surgeon with the METRxTM system (Medtronics Sofamor-Danek, Memphis, TN, USA).


The quality of life of most patients improved to good to excellence with 94.4% patients return to work post-MED. Clinical outcome by Macnab criteria post-MED for the patients showed excellence (83,3%), good (11,1%), fair (2,8%), and poor (2,8%). Evaluation of back pain and leg pain were performed with VAS. VAS scale showed no pain (88,9%), back pain (8,3%), and leg pain (2,8%). The average of time of operation were 57 minutes, but stenosis needed longer operative time. Hospital length stay was less than 2 days, but older patients needed longer. Blood loss less than 50cc. With this technique, we didn’t get neurological injuries but we got one discitis and dural tear, this complication was immediately overcome by open surgery.


The MED technique is a feasible and efficacious, minimally invasive, approach for lumbar disc disease without instability.

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