Orthopaedic service during pandemic: one year after the first reported case of covid-19 in Indonesia


  • Asep Santoso




pandemic, covid-19, medicalservices


The first covid-19 infection case in Indonesia was reported in early March 2020 [1]. Since then, all aspects of medical services ranging from primary care to advanced surgical service have been affected. Several health care centers in Indonesia have reported the change in orthopaedic service during the first year of the Covid-19 pandemic. Rhatomy et al. reported a significant decrease in outpatients and surgical services in two tertiary general-referral hospitals during the first three months of the pandemic [2]. Similar findings were also reported by Santoso et al. which reported the change of hip and knee arthroplasty surgical service during the first nine-month period of the Covid-19 pandemic in a special orthopaedic hospital. A significant decrease in surgery was also found during the first three months period.


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